BFF’s wedding? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Friends are your chosen family and that makes your BFF’s wedding even closer to your heart. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the concept of big-fat weddings loaded with guests fading away, if you are still on the list of invitees then you have to be special. And a special occasion deserves special outfits. We Indians love weddings! Weddings are all about the glitz and glamour, dressing up, and performing all the traditional rituals. Be it for the wedding or any pre-wedding festivities you deserve to look the best. Handloom sarees have always been known to spell their magic intangibly. The aura and grace of these weaves are unmatched by any other outfit. So, scale up your excitement as we have some amazing handloom saree suggestions that you can adorn and grace any wedding.

Kanchipuram weave

Kanchipuram sarees are known for their sheen, texture, and unique luster. Take pride in wearing a Kanchipuram silk saree that is seen in an incomparable variety of colours, motifs, prints, and zari. These are extremely eye-catching throughout the time and Indian weddings are incomplete without a hint of silk blends.

Banarasi weave

A banarasi weave has an inherent appealing character because of its micro-fine wok of gold and silver zari. A banarasi silk saree is one of the most preferred drapes for an auspicious function as it marks the purity of its making. It reflects the royal charm and aura and can be paired with any kind of silver or gold traditional jewellery.

Patola weave

Patola sarees are a perfect blend of a modern yet traditional element to give you that dreamy edgy look. These sarees come in a wide range of hues, right from pastels to bright blues. With their intricate designs and patterns, Patola sarees are also comfortable and easy to carry for all long bridesmaid duties.

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