Beautiful Brocade

Brocade is a classy and richly decorated jacquard fabric woven with intricate designs on the surface giving it a perception of embossment. While actually, they are made by weaving weft yarn into the warp on an exceptional jacquard loom. These are generally made in coloured silks and sporadically with gold and silver threads. The word ‘brocade’ comes from an Italian word ‘Broccato’ that means- an embossed cloth. While the designs and appearance of brocade designs have been entrusted to its roots, the process of making it has changed drastically.

Brocade is considered one of the luxurious fabrics because of its rich texture, dazzling radiation, and appeal. Brocades are used to make a variety of apparel right from Indian to western outfits. Treasured in the Indian Handloom sector, Brocade is a representation of celebration and happiness. There are two distinctive varieties of Brocades

  1. Brocades made of pure silk or silk & cotton blend
  2. Zari brocades with gold and silver threads    

Brocades woven are of two types: continuous (Fekuan) and discontinuous (Kadhuan). In Fekuan, the weft threads are let loose and are always floating on the back. While in Kadhuan the extra weft doesn’t run across the fabric and is only woven into the patterned areas, giving it a smoother back.

Know the right care to brocade

It is preferable if you can dry clean a brocade fabric, if not gently wash with a mild shampoo and dry flat to remove all the wrinkles as once the fabric has greases it is difficult to flatten it.

Always iron the brocade fabric at a low temperature as it is very heavy. Extreme care is to be taken to prevent the soft and loose threads from burning.

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