The Evergreen Bloom of Florals

One of the timeless and evergreen motifs in the textile industry falls under the ‘floral’ category. The origin of these blazing, vibrant, and galvanic floral motifs in textiles can be traced back to centuries. These colours are inspired by the natural hues and are so illuminating that you can’t take your eyes off them! Initially, the women in India used to decorate their clothing pieces with real flowers as they added a fragrance and a personalised scent to them. In the 12th century, China started implementing the use of florals onto their fabrics, which was later spread to the middle eastern parts and other Asian countries.

In India, the use of florals on textiles saw a boom during the Industrial revolution. Indian sarees are greatly inspired by nature, flowers, and their elements. Be it a designer saree or a regular one, you can always find numerous floral varieties. Floral designs are being adapted and implemented in a million ways in different connotations. Be it a floral pallu, border, blouse, or entire body, they are embedded in different ways to give a natural look to the drape.

Choosing the right floral design can be quite daunting sometimes. Too much floral, or too little floral can also spoil your entire look. At Brand Mandir, we have the right stylists that guide you to style your lookbook for any event. So, head to Brand Mandir and witness a never-ending collection and add a flair to every celebration.

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