Quick Tips to Preserve the Quality of Handloom Fabrics

Handloom sarees are an heirloom asset. These ancient Indian outfits hold an awfully special place within the heart of each Indian woman.  Preserving and protecting these sarees requires attention to detail. Handwoven sarees are one of the most loved sarees that need special care and preservation to protect their lustre and charm. These are dearly-won sarees that are typically passed on from one generation to the future given their beauty and royalty. It’s necessary that we have a tendency to take care of these sarees properly to authenticate their longevity.

Handloom sarees are an enormous investment, each monetarily and emotionally. Hence, they have to be maintained well and with utmost care. These sarees are made up of natural elements, so they’re liable to weathering. Staining and tear are other most typical reasons for harm to handloom sarees.

Here are some key points you must retain in your mind while taking care of an exquisite handloom masterpiece.


  • Dip and soak the handloom saree in salt water for a while to lock the colours. Ensure to remove it on time to avoid the chances of discolouration
  • Rinse it a handful of times in cold water
  • Use a light detergent powder
  • Iron the weave at low heat and always place a cloth above it before ironing
  • If you sweat a lot, wear sweat absorbent pads under the clothing to prevent the fabric from getting stained.


  • Never use a brush on a handloom saree because it is likely to tear
  • Never press it like a towel with multiple folds
  • It’s wise to not spray water on the saree before ironing it, as spraying water can leave permanent marks
  • Avoid drying on painted surfaces like window sills, fences, and rusty racks as they might stain the saree.
  • Avoid direct contact with sunlight as it may cause discolouration.
  • Avoid wearing alcohol-based body mists and perfumes after wearing the saree, this way leads to discolouration.
  • Never use bleach or any fabric whitener, it has terrible effects on these delicate fabrics.

Way to store handloom sarees

  • Make sure that the saree is totally dry before you store it
  • Dry, clean, and dark cupboards are best suited for storing these ensembles
  • Wrap sarees in a textile or pure material and never plastic bags
  • Fold the saree at regular intervals to forestall splitting.
  • Never store the saree in a newspaper, cardboard, or plastic bag.
  • when storing the saree make sure you don’t fold it a lot, this leads to harsh crinkling and leaves an imprint on the saree.
  • Wrap it with a white muslin cloth while storing it to avoid colour transfer.
  • choose the correct type of rack for storing, a rusted rack will react to the handloom sarees as it may have gold or silver thread used in its weave, preferably store it in a dry wooden rack.
  • Lastly, it’s very important to choose the right brand for your handlooms, and also follow the particular guidelines that these brands have for their product. They will help a lot more than you think.

Special care and focus are required to maintain loom sarees. These sarees are therefore delicate and they get ruined easily. That’s why we’ve curated this handloom saree maintenance guide for you. I hope these handloom saree maintenance tips are helpful. Shop these sarees with special guidance and style experts at Brand Mandir who will guide you at every step.