Timeless Elegance of Paithani Sarees

Since time immemorial, Indian Handloom sarees have been the most preferred by women and are a legacy that is passed from one generation to another. These precious hand-woven sarees form an integral part in a women’s wardrobe for causal to festive occasions.  One such prized possession of women is the paithani sarees. Known as the ‘queen of sarees’, this drape marks the tradition of weddings and honour, especially in Maharashtrian culture. No wedding in this culture is complete without a Paithnai weave. Such is the aura and grace of this saree.

Originated in a small town ‘Paithan’ in Maharashtra, Paithani sarees are handwoven with the finest silks available. In the olden era, Paithani sarees were considered no less than a jewel and were used as a currency by the Romans who imported this golden fabric in exchange of gold. Doted for its rich luster, magical blend, and appealing & vibrant colour palette, this weave is as diverse as the craft itself. Its unique weaving technique is what sets the Paithani sarees apart from the other weaves. The stunning illumination of gold and silver threads, distinctive interlocked motifs put together makes it a timeless masterpiece of grace and elegance. The making of an authentic paithani saree is entirely done with hands and the weaving process of pallu and border is very similar to tapestry weaving.

Paithani sarees come in a myriad of patterns and prints like brocade, muniya brocade, ekdhoti, bangadi, and many more.

Significance of Paithani Sarees for brides

Just like the importance of Kanchipuram sarees in the South, Paithnai sarees have their own significance in any Maharashtrian wedding. These are considered auspicious because of their origin and gara like embroidery where the threads are seals and do not tend to mess up with the accessories.

If you are a bride of your choice and wish to embrace the glorious wedding festivities in Indian handloom as per the traditions, then a paithani trousseau is a must. Brand Mandir brings you an amazing amalgamation of rich indigenous handlooms with gorgeous designs and master craftsmanship.