Haldi Cermony dress and sarees

Haldi Ceremony: Choosing the Perfect Saree/dress

Attending a wedding and still not sure what to wear for the Haldi ceremony? Well, we have got you covered. The Haldi ceremony is one of the most fun ceremonies with the yellow color taking center stage. From the backdrop to the ambiance, everything is adorned with flowers, making up for fun candid photographs. 

But before setting your eyes on the stereotypical yellow outfit, read this blog to find out tips and haldi outfit suggestions. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Right Haldi Attire

  • As the Haldi ceremony is a daytime function, select a comfy outfit.  
  • Experiment with colors. Don’t stick to only yellow, you can go for other bright colors too. 
  • Never forget to accessorize your haldi outfit to add that extra flair to your overall look. 
  • Always remember florals can never go wrong with daytime functions. 

We are also adding some outfit suggestions that would impress you with their uniqueness. So scroll down to find out: 

Kanchi Bandhani Pale Yellow Lehenga

Lehenga is a good pick for wedding functions. This pale yellow kanchi bandhani lehenga is subtle, unique and eye-catching. The pink georgette blouse with hints of yellow motif designs complimenting the lehenga gives a full Haldi feel. 

The contrast border of the kanchi pattu is the star of the look making it a designer piece. The lehenga is moderately light, allowing you to twirl easily for reels. Be it quality or style, this lehenga is the perfect choice for your Haldi look. 

Banarasi Bandhani Pink Lehenga 

Adding a little playfulness to your look, this pink-color banarasi bandhani lehenga is all you need for a Haldi ceremony. The dots on the lehenga called buttis spread all over along with the meenakari floral border making it super chic. 

This lehenga is perfect for an intimate haldi affair where you can easily play, dance, and have fun without worrying about your outfit. It’s super comfy, stylish and has breathable material. Thus, if looking for a playful, light yet elegant haldi outfit, this is what you should buy. 

Banarasi Bandhani Ash Lehenga

If you are looking for a sophisticated yet cheerful look, this is the outfit for you. From bandhani buttis to floral meenakari motifs, the entire lehenga is adorned with minimal design elements, keeping it simple yet cheerful. 

The black colored sleeveless blouse decorated with colorful flowers is the perfect combination of classy and minimalist design. If you want to shine but also keep it subtle this is the look you should opt for. 

Kanchipuram Organza Lehenga

Are you seeking something vibrant and extravagant for the Haldi ceremony? Then your search ends here. This yellow Kanchipuram organza lehenga is all you need. The bright yellow color adorned with diamond buttis in zari and a broad golden border gives you the royal look. 

The yellow blouse decorated with diamond and golden work paired with a colorful dupatta is perfect to make heads turn. Dazzle and shine as the spotlight in the Haldi ceremony with this fabulous ensemble.

Mangalagiri Silk Parrot Green Long Frock

For those who admire understated beauty, this outfit is tailored just for you. Ideal for lovers of modest wear, this long frock exudes timeless elegance and subtle charm. The silver strip on the border and the kotti-style top with floral embroidery are the highlights of the frock. 

The eye-pleasing green shade represents calmness and joyfulness which is what the Haldi ceremony is all about. Thus, opt for this gorgeous green frock and make a statement with your outfit. 


Haldi ceremonies are vibrant, glittery, and full of happy vibes. And so should your outfit as well. The above blog encompasses an array of outfit suggestions and tips that could come in handy in selecting the perfect outfit for a haldi ceremony. 

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