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How to Identify Authentic Patola Sarees: Tips for Buyers


The fashion world has witnessed countless trends ebb and flow, yet amidst the evolving landscape, one garment has remained timeless – the elegant Patola saree from Gujarat. Patola, also known as the double ikkat weave, transcends mere fabric; it embodies the rich cultural legacy of India. The patterns adorning traditional Patola sarees symbolize fertility, adding to their allure as cherished symbols of prestige and heritage, gifted to royalty and revered figures across borders.


Originating from the Sanskrit word ‘pattakulla,’ signifying silk fabric, the Patola saree boasts a history spanning over 11 centuries. Its origins lie in the migration of the Salvi Community to Patan, Gujarat, under the Solanki Dynasty. Even King Kumarpala was enamored by Patola sarees, adorning one daily on his way to the temple. Patan Patola holds a significant place in India’s cultural heritage, characterized by vibrant hues, intricate designs, and exceptional craftsmanship that exude luxury.

Patola Sarees and their weaving process

Crafted through a labor-intensive process, original Patola sarees entail resist-dyeing with a warp and weft technique, taking four to seven months to complete a single weave. Each color in the intricate design is meticulously placed, with both the warp and weft threads resist-dyed before weaving begins, culminating in a collector’s item of unparalleled beauty.

Types of Patola sarees

Patola sarees traditionally feature intricate prints inspired by Gujarat’s rich cultural heritage, including human figures, elephants, flowers, and architectural motifs. Modern designers innovate on these traditional designs, seamlessly blending classic elements with unique patterns. Each Patola silk saree design is named and represents various elements:

Paan Bhat: Displays pan-shaped leaves adorned with parrots, blossoming flowers, elephants, and female dancers’ symbols.

Nari Kunjar Bhat: Showcases captivating floral and elephant motifs.

Navratna Bhat: Boasts unique square-shaped patterns.

Fulvali Bhat: Incorporates beautiful floral designs.

Rattanchowk Bhat: Exhibits exquisite geometric patterns.

Tips to identify authentic patola sarees

Identifying Patola sarees before buying is mandatory because you can be easily fooled with fake Patola sarees available in the market. Therefore, here are the tips to identify Patola sarees. 

  1. Symmetry in Design:

One of the key features of a genuine Patola silk saree is its symmetrical design. The patterns on both sides perfectly match each other seamlessly, demonstrating the intricate craftsmanship and dedication involved in its making.

  1. Double Ikat Technique:

The double ikat technique is a process where both the warp and weft threads are dyed before weaving the fabric. This technique demands great skill and precision from the artisans. In authentic Patan Patola sarees, the colors blend together seamlessly, and there’s no smudging or fading at the edges of the intricate designs. This careful attention to detail ensures that each saree displays a flawless integration of colors and patterns, showcasing the expertise and dedication of the craftsmen involved.

  1. Vibrant Colour Palette:

Patan Patola sarees are famous for their wide range of vibrant and rich colors. These sarees come in bold shades like red, blue, and green, as well as more intricate tones. The colors are carefully selected and expertly mixed, resulting in a stunning display of hues that weave together like a beautiful symphony. Each color choice carries its own significance, reflecting the rich traditions and cultural heritage behind every Patola saree.

  1. Silk Quality:

A real Patola silk saree is made entirely from pure silk, which adds to its luxurious texture and elegant drape. The high-quality silk not only enhances the saree’s appearance, giving it an exquisite look, but also makes it incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin. This exceptional quality of silk used in crafting Patola sarees ensures that wearing them is a delightful experience, bringing joy and comfort to those who adorn them.

5 Detailed Patterns

The patterns on a Patan Patola saree are steeped in tradition, often inspired by nature, mythology, and religious symbols. These intricate motifs hold deep cultural significance, telling stories and representing beliefs passed down through generations. Recognizing and understanding these motifs is essential for identifying a genuine Patola silk saree, as they are a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship behind each piece.


Step into the timeless world of Patola silk sarees, where tradition meets contemporary style and craftsmanship reigns supreme. Each Patola saree is more than just a piece of clothing; it’s a story woven with threads of artistry, culture, and the rich legacy of Indian craftsmanship. From the symmetrical patterns to the vibrant hues, every Patola saree tells a tale of beauty and tradition, honoring the skilled artisans who have dedicated themselves to this art for centuries.

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