The Beauty of Handloom

We live in a nation known for its culture, rich heritage, traditional art & craft in each form. One such art is ‘Handloom’! It is an art that’s embroiled with persistence, human skill, and innovation. The charisma and intangible beauty of Handloom are incomparable with power loom or mill fabrics. Isn’t it fascinating how each piece of handloom is unique in itself? Every weave has a story to tell. The hardship and talent that the artisans put in for creating these fabrics with utmost love and warmth create history! At Brand Mandir, we carefully handpick handloom sarees that suit you the best.

The uniqueness of Handloom Sarees

Handloom by its origin is bound to have a rugged and uneven surface thereby enhancing its ethnic appeal. Because of its hand-woven quality, it is bound to have better recovery in terms of creases and wrinkles. The factor that strengthens the Indian handloom sector is innovation and ease with which it can bring creativity – by this; we mean varied designs and colours that match the contemporary world. Handloom has a varied variety of apparel right from ethnic wear to western wear. For Indian women, the most preferred form of traditional clothing is Handloom Sarees. The beauty of these Indian Handloom sarees like Banarasi, Ikkat, Paithanis, Kanchipuram, Tussar, Khadi, Kuppadam has been showcased on many national and international platforms.

The subject is very well understood by the artisans and every minute detail is kept in mind to create these hand-woven pieces. So, when you attire yourself with a hand-woven product and with the “Vocal for Local” movement at the boom, just remember – handloom weaves are not just hand-made but a result of someone’s hard work, love, and emotions crafted in a fabric.

At Brand Mandir, you can get the best of handloom sarees to match your style and fashion statement. With exuberant handloom saree designs and patterns, we offer the best Handloom hand-woven sarees that will add a touch of elegance and royalty to every look you carry.