Classic Weave For Bride-To-Be

Classic Weave For Bride-To-Be

Wedding Banarasi Sarees

This bridal favourite is far beloved by all generations for its unmatched beauty and splendour. Banarasi drapes are made solely within the ancient town of Varanasi and encompassing villages, utilizing special techniques and distinctive styles. The distinctive look of these woven silk sarees is influenced by the Mughal and Hindu cultures. The bridal Banarasi saree typically comes in colours like red and maroon, with loads of significant gold embroidery and woven designs of symbols like flowers and temple motifs.

Kanchipuram Sarees for Wedding

Made historically by the Kanchi weavers, the Kanchipuram sarees are commonly chosen for weddings by brides all across India. These awesome Indian bridal sarees are legendary for their tangled designs, broad borders, motifs, very prime quality, and richness of the fabric.

Wedding Fancy Sarees

With the ever-changing trends over the years, the Indian brides too have modified their preferences and sensibilities. Fancy sarees are one of the foremost idolized trends in Indian wedding sarees. Fancy sarees are most well-liked by brides who desire a modern look in their wedding attire. It is additionally put together with different materials like silk, georgette, and fabric to form a variety of effects in contemporary sarees.

Things to remember that will help you choose the right drape:

  • Before finalizing a drape, request to assist drape it around you so you have got a thought of how it’ll look.
  • If your saree is extremely grand, choose a subtle style of makeup, jewellery, and hairstyle
  • Always try your bridal ensemble with your jewellery
  • Know your draping style


At Brand Mandir, we have an array of exquisite bridal sarees in spellbinding hues adorned with knotty motifs to celebrate the auspicious union. We have a tendency to additionally provide our customers a singular chance to style their own saree. If you have got a colour or construct in mind, we will assist you to bring your vision to reality. Our wedding stylist will get on a one-on-one session with you to know your personality, style, and requirements.